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Education & Language - Contact | Springer Education& Language Editorial Contacts in South-East and East Asia

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Do you have a project or idea you want to discuss? If so, please contact a Springer Education editor working with your community - who will be pleased to evaluate your proposal.

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Editorial Contacts in South-East and East Asia 

  • Lawrence Liu

    Lawrence Liu

    Editor Education
    South-East and East Asia

    Phone: +65 6396 6386

  • Rebecca Zhu

    Rebecca Zhu

    Editor, Linguistics and Language Education
    South-East and East Asia

    Phone: +852 27239698

Editorial Contact in Australia & New Zealand 

  • Nick Melchior

    Nick Melchior

    Senior Editor Education, Australia & New Zealand

    Phone: +61 404104380

Editorial Contacts in China 

  • Rebecca Zhu

    Rebecca Zhu

    Editor, Linguistics and Language Education

    Phone: +852 27239698

  • Melody Zhang

    Melody Zhang

    Assistant Editor, Education
    Springer Shanghai, China

    Phone: +86(21)60871688 Ext 826
    Fax: +86 21 60751030

Editorial Contacts in Europe 

  • Yoka Janssen

    Yoka Janssen

    Executive Editor
    Higher Education, Early Childhood Education

    Phone: +31(0)78 65 76 621
    Fax: +31(0)78 65 76 377

  • Stefanie Laux

    Stefanie Laux

    Cheflektorin Pädagogik, Springer VS

    Phone: +49 (0)611. 7878-370
    Fax: +49 (0)611. 787878-370

  • Bernadette Ohmer

    Bernadette Ohmer

    Senior Publishing Editor
    Science Education, Educational Psychology, Vocational and Professional Education

    Phone: +31(0)78 657 6284
    Fax: +31(0)78 657 6555

  • Harmen van Paradijs

    Harmen van Paradijs

    Editorial Director
    Human Sciences, Business/Economics, Mathematics - China, SE Asia, Australia/New Zealand

    Phone: +65-6396 6386
    Fax: +65-6298 8043

  • Jolanda Voogd

    Jolanda Voogd

    Senior Publishing Editor
    Language Education, Linguistics and Arts Education

    Phone: + 31 78 657-6116

  • Annemarie Keur

    Annemarie Keur

    Associate Editor
    Educational Assessment and Evaluation, Philosophy of Education

    Phone: +31(0)78 65 76 629
    Fax: +31(0)78 65 76 377

Editorial Contacts in South Asia 

  • Shinjini Chatterjee

    Shinjini Chatterjee

    Senior Editor Human Sciences, South Asia

    Phone: +91(0)1145755888
    Fax: +91(0)1145755899

Editorial Contacts in the US 

  • Melissa James

    Melissa James

    Publishing Editor
    Medical Education, Mathematics Education and Educational Technology

    Phone: +1(212)4601571