Ubiquitous Applications & Security Services

The Fourth International Symposium on
Ubiquitous Applications & Security Services (UASS-09)

January 11-13, 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


(In Conjunction with CCNC-09)


Ubiquitous Computing is emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm to provide computing and communication services any time, any where. For realizing ubiquitous computing, UASS are needed.

Our symposium provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of ubiquitous computing environment including models and systems, new directions, novel applications associated with the utilization, and acceptance of ubiquitous computing devices and systems.

UASS-09 is a successor of the 1st International Workshop on Ubiquitous Applications & Security Services (UASS-06) (Glasgow, Scotland, UK, May 8-11, 2006), UASS-07 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 26-29, 2007), UASS-08 (GinoWan, Okinawa, Japan, March 25-28, 2008).

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