Client Case Study: Education Campaign

The A1chieve Resource Centre
Client: Novo Nordisk

How to effectively distribute and engage clinicians with the results from the global A1chieve study that was published in Elsevier's journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice?

Solution: Elsevier Pharma Solutions developed the Resource Centre, providing physicians with free access to A1chieve articles and unique content such as interviews, lectures, and report generator. The report generator enabled users to analyze the base data and generate reports for their city, country or region.


Success: met all goals and has been used by nearly 100,000 physicians. In addition, it was nominated for a PM Digital Media Award 2012, in the category 'Best Educational Programme'.

Client Case Study: Education Campaign

Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Resource Centre
Client: AstraZeneca

How to increase knowledge and understanding of hormone receptor positive breast cancer within the European professional healthcare community?

Solution: The Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Resource Centre served as a hub of information for the broad range of healthcare professionals in this field. Contained unique and repurposed content from the leading European Journal of Cancer, the official journal of ECCO (European CanCer Organisation).


Success: 18,000> healthcare professionals used the platform per month, firmly extending AstraZeneca's position as a major contributor to the improvement of healthcare in this field.

What is a Resource Centre?

A Resource Centre is a freely accessible platform, designed for healthcare professionals, that aims to increase clinical knowledge in a specific medical specialty by disseminating important new research and clinical developments more broadly. Resource Centres are all independently editorially controlled, provided in collaboration with established medical journals, hosted and managed by Elsevier, and funded by educational grants from societies and other organizations, such as medical or pharmaceutical companies.  

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