5 Surprisingly interesting insurance jobs

Footballers’ legs, space rockets and the Rolling Stones. To those who think insurance is boring, we say: “It’s what you insure that counts.”  

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Here are five interesting things that people get paid to insure…

6 Jobs where pay is rising

With the economy beginning to grow, many people’s thoughts are turning to pay rises and how to get one. We look at six areas of the economy where the chances are good…

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Pay is on the rise, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) – just slowly. Its figures for the year to July 2014 show that regular pay (excluding bonuses) for employees in the UK was 0.9% higher than a year earlier, and total pay (including bonuses) for employees was 0.7% higher than a year earlier. That’s still below inflation, though, prompting us to

How to get a pay rise

Years of recession have seen a freeze in most people’s salaries, but now the economy has turned a corner isn’t it time we all got a share in the recovery – maybe in the shape of a pay rise?

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Of course, asking your boss for more money is no easy thing and there’s no guarantee of success. You need a plan, a strategy – and don’t forget there’s more than one way to bring home more in your pay packet.

Geeks making the decisions

As you can see here, an IT degree isn’t necessarily a one-way ticket to a job in the usual IT professions. For many people, IT work, study and research have proved to be the start of something much, much bigger. Here are five famous examples…

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Larry Page

You can’t put a price on a human life. Unless you happen to be Google CEO Larry Page who, according to Forbes, has a real time net worth of a staggering $30 billion. Not only is he the son of two computer science

5 non-IT jobs where an IT degree is a big advantage

Think an IT degree will only ever lead to a regular IT job? Well, according to prospects.ac.uk, as many as 57.9% of these graduates will find jobs in the IT sector but for IT degree-holders it doesn’t have to be a job that includes words like “administrator”, “system” and “database”. Indeed, an IT degree’s mix of hard and soft skills is highly desirable in other sectors, too. Let’s look at five examples…

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Games developer

For many IT graduates this is the