CS342 Programming Languages and Design

Lecture Slides


Class Orientation and Introduction, The poster of O’Reilly

Syntax Specifications of Programming Languages

Semantic Specifications of Programming Languages

Functional Programming Language – Scheme

Object-Oriented Programming

Names, Scopes and Binding

Subroutines & Control Abstraction

Context-Free Grammar and Parsing



The Scheme Homepage

Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme

A User's Guide to Scheme 48

Abelson, Sussman: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
(Textbook for intro course sequence at MIT with first chapter online)

The Java Tutorial

The Java Language Specification

Java 2 Platform API Specification

SML '97 Basis Library Documentation

SML/NJ Documentation

BinProlog User Guide

Tcl/Tk-Prolog Interface

CVS Documentation




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