CS241 Object Oriented Programming Using C++

Lecture Notes


Chapter 1

Introduction to Computers and Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter 2

Introduction to C++ Program

Examples and Exercises for Simple C++ Programs

Chapter 3

Expressions and Interactivity

Example Programs for Expressions and Interactivity

Modified Example2 for Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Making Decisions

Start Program for Example1 of Chapter 4

Completed Program for Example1 of Chapter 4

Start Program for Example2 of Chapter 4

Modified Program for Example2 of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Loops and Files

Notes for Loops

Example1 for Chapter 5

Example2 for Chapter 5

Chapter 6


Examples for Chapter 6

More Examples for Chapter 6

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 1 - 6

Chapter 7


An Example for Arrays

Chapter 8

Searching and Sorting Arrays

Example for Selection Sorting of an Array

Chapter 9


Examples for Pointers

Chapter 13

Introduction to Classes

Chapter 14

More About Classes

Chapter 15

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions



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