CS140 Computer Programming in Java

Lecture Notes


Chapter 1

Introduction to Computers and Programming in Java

Chapter 2

Introduction to Java Applications

Examples and Exercises for Simple Java Applications

Chapter 3

Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings

Example Java Programs for GradeBook

Chapter 4

Control Statements: Part I

More Example Java Programs for GradeBook

Java Program GradeAnalysis and LargestNumber

Notes for LargestNumber

Chapter 5

Control Statements: Part II

Example Java Programs for Chapter 5

Modified ExamGrade Applications

Extra Notes on Repetition Statements

Extra Notes on Selection Statements

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 1 - 5

Chapter 6

Methods: A Deeper Look

Example for Game of Chance

Chapter 7

Arrays and ArrayLists

Example for Arrays

Chapter 8

Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look

Example for Classes and Objects; Explanation for Examples




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